Another severe winter in Brussels, 4°C below normal, causing the normal rain to turn into blushy snow, somber skies without even a glimmer of hope, i.e. sun! ? That is our share again this year. Skin is suffering from the ubiquitous low humidity and, once you have entered into the second half of life that shows: red spots all over, continued itching and apelike scratching. Apart from the dreamy scenery after a fresh snowfall, it isn’t a joy-instilling sight around here these days.

Luckily I don’t have to make a rash decision to flee this mess; that decision was made months ago and I reap additional benefits today. My skin will undoubtedly recover quickly on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and the Tropic of Cancer.

After many days of diligent preparation I got the website in good-enough working order and got my luggage sorted, administered and shipped. If all is well the luggage and I will meet again in Fort Lauderdale on January 5, on the pier. “All is well” has many “ifs” attached to it. Obviously there is the weather as an “if”. There is also the Homeland Security in the USA that might decide to have a closer look. Where is the time that we could just take a plane and fly? A mere 10 years ago I flew all over the world without too many serious inconveniences or nagging uncertainties. These days it is one big hassle. And sending your luggage “solo” so to speak doesn’t solve all the problems.

Moreover, it is more expensive to send my luggage to Florida than I pay for my plane seat. It reminds me of the year that I paid less for the plane ticket from Brussels to London City Airport than I paid for the taxi from the airport to our London office. In all fairness: the 8 mile drive also took as long as the 200 mile flight. Aristoteles will like it: a sillogism turned inside out!

The next days I will celebrate the end of 2010 and waltz into 2011, with family and friends. And I will pray a little bit: read my lips – NO MORE SNOW (at least until Jan 4th)