Rather ordinary was my sending off: flight DL 125 to Atlanta. I must have taken it fifty times over the last twenty years. When Carine dropped me off at the Kiss&Ride I had trouble, shrouded in the pregnant darkness, to withhold a tear or two. Surely, that was out of the ordinary, as was the solar eclipse (of which the darkness was pregnant!) I took quite a few pictures but realize that the upload wire travels with my “big luggage”. No pictures then!

The flight itself was uneventful, with one exception. My neighbour in 31G happened to be a young lady, dressed in black. As soon as we were close to cruising altitude, she got rid of her black sweater, not without ostentatiously making neighborly waves – so to speak. I couldn’t NOT notice it. Underneath she was wearing a summer “cloth” with a plunging neckline that made me think of the Gironde Estuary: her nude shoulders represented the mouth at the Atlantic and her navel had to depict Bordeaux (invisible, by the way, from the river mouth!).

Cool it was, and also in the plane it was relatively cool. To top it all off she grabbed a paperback entitled: “How to Marry a Multi-Millionaire”. Let’s be clear, even though one could interpret all her moves as “seduction” ,I don’t think she was targetting me. She looked smart enough to know that her prospect base was in the front of the cabin, not in row 31 of Economy Class.

Anyhow, without my having discerned any goose bumps on her “exposés” – I admit that I stole a few views and had already turned down my own ventilator – she huddled up after a short while, covering her whole body in a black bear parka, with cap … dozing off in quasi-hibernation.

In the aftermath I was pondering two questions: 1) who writes, and who publishes, such a book? And, 2) why does someone buy and read such a book? By the way, the book contained a list of the top separated, divorced, single or widowed Billionaires (no less), with Paul Allen heading the list of prey. Luckily I had a chance to discuss it all with her, but won’t take your time here to expand on it!

Meanwhile, US Customs in Cincinnati seems to have a party looking at my forwarded luggage! Rumor has it that it has been cleared in late afternoon. That means it would arrive here tomorrow morning, after a 10 day journey. However, with prudence prevailing, the luggage people advise me to pack “a small bag” to cover a couple of days! And to think that all this stuff doesn’t even get used in the States!

Anyway, in order to find the strength to write this particular entry, after I arrived at the hotel at 2030hrs, I decided to order a Cesar Salad. I may add that the Zinfandel (Napa Cellars, 2005) went down well with it! Now I can wish myself a good night’s sleep.